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The Social Committee was established by the VBA Executive Committee in February 1995, just a few months after the first residents moved into the village.The first meeting was held with Judy Phillips on February 20, 1995 and its first chair was Carol Stubbs. Initially the committee was responsible for all social activities within the Village and financed its efforts by having a craft and bake sale twice a year. As activity groups were established, they became active in organizing their own events.
However, the Social Committee has continued to organize and host monthly coffee hours, monthly card parties and luncheons and special events.

The first coffee hours and card parties were held in 1995 and took place in the Boardroom in the original sales office. The coffee hours were in addition to those which had been hosted by Orin Reid, and which had been held at the Cutten Club. The first luncheon was in May 1995 at the China Buffet King, located in the Woodlawn Plaza; the price was $7.95. The second luncheon was at Marian's Country Kitchen in Hawksville. The first special event was in December 1995 when an outing to the Theatre in the Trees at the University of Guelph Arboretum was organized.

The Chair of the Social Committee reports to the VBARA Executive Committee,


2014 – 2015 Officers and Committee Members

Note: Committee Members are appointed for a maximum period of three years.
New members and 'helpers' are always welcome.
Speak to anyone listed here if you would like to lend a hand!

Chair Tony Gibbs
Vice-Chair John Walker
Treasurer Carl Scherer
Secretary Doreen McRitchie
Tree Talk Liaison Lorraine Johnston
Web Liaison Lorraine Johnston


 Card Party Jan and Aubrey Young
Sandra Hammond
 Coffee Hour Marilyn Anderson  and Debbie Webster
The team members are shown below.
 Table Decorations - Coffee Hour Carolyn Weeks
 Kitchen Supplies Marta Jansen
Tablecloths Tony Gibbs
Canada Day Celebration

John Walker


Coffee Hour Teams

Set-up for Coffee Hour is on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30

On duty; 2014 June, August, October, December (both groups), 2015 January, March, May

On duty: 2014 July, September, November, December (both groups), 2015 February, April , June

Leader:Marilyn Anderson 

Leader:Debbie Webster

Sandra Hammond Ruth Gaetz
Bob Jacques Marta Jansen
Lorraine Johnston Do Fraser
Doreen McRitchie John Walker
Carl Scherer Aubrey Young
  Lilian Henrikson
Doreen Scherer Jan Young

NOTE: Tony will chair Coffee Hours and Carolyn will provide centre pieces and assist at the door for all coffee hours

Term on committee


To 2015

To 2016

To 2017

  • Debbie Webster
  • Ruth Gaetz
  • Carolyn Weeks
  • Aubrey Young
  • Jan Young
  • Lorraine Johnston
  • Tony Gibbs
  • Doreen McRitchie
  • Carl Scherer
  • Doreen Scherer
  • John Walker
  • Sandra Hammond
  • Do Fraser
  • Bob Jacques
  • Marta Jansen
  • Marilyn Anderson
  • Lilian Henrikson






Next Coffee Hour is January 14





At 10 in the morning, on the second Wednesday of each month, a coffee hour is held in Reid Hall

This is an informal way to enjoy a chat with your neighbours, and to greet newcomers.

All residents of the VBA are invited to attend. It is hosted by the VBA Social Committee.

Coffee, tea, juices and light refreshments are provided. A raffle of purchased items is held.

The cost of each coffee hour is $2.00 per person or free with donated goodies

No response slip is necessay



Held on the third Friday of each month.
All residents of the VBA are invited to attend


Hosted by Sandra Hammond

The card party is held at 7:00 P.M. in Room 126 in the Village Centre.

The cost for each card party is $2.00 per person. Coffee, tea and snacks are provided.

A response slip is required.
It can be found in Tree Talk.

You may choose whether you would prefer to play Bridge or Euchre.





The VBA Social Committee arranges events for most months which are held in restaurants in Guelph and surrounding area. Periodically the luncheon is combined with another event such as a visit to a special attraction or to a theatre. The Committee also organizes a Canada Day Celebration, Fashion Show, and a Christmas Luncheon, all held in Reid Hall.

The details for each event appears in Tree Talk along with a response slip that must be completed. It and a cheque must be deposited in the Activity Box in the Residents' Office usually well before the event

Costs for special events vary and on occasion may include the costs of renting a bus.

Tony Gibbs (gynot@rogers.com) will welcome any suggestions for luncheon locations or special events

Events scheduled for the next few months, their dates and locations are shown here




The report of the Happy Hour held December 20


Pictures and the report of the Happy Hour held November 29


Pictures and the report of the visit to the Royal Winter Fair


Pictures and the report of the train ride can be seen here


Pictures from the Crossroads Luncheon can be seen here


Pictures and the report of the luncheon at Chudleigh's Farm can be seen here








Pictures from past events can be seen here




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