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Q. Are there any special requirements to purchase a home in the VBA?

A. No, there are no special requirements, other than the normal ones, including financial. The Village by the Arboretum is an adult-lifestyle community with a restriction of two persons per residence.

Q. What are the sizes of the houses and mid-rise condominium/apartments?

A. The size of the average house is about 1300 square feet, ranging from a 1045 square foot town home, to a 2200 square foot bungalow or 2 story cottage-style. Most houses are two bedroom bungalows. The mid-rise condominiums/apartments, some of which will be designated for assisted living, range from 1000 square feet to 1675 square feet.

Q. Why have an entrance gate?

A. The VBA is an adult-lifestyle community where many of the residents have a high level of concern about security. The secure front entrance gate addresses that concern. All of the VBA is private property leased from the University of Guelph and the gate can be compared to the front door of a condominium/apartment building.

Q. Are Guelph tax dollars paying for VBA roads?

A. The City of Guelph does not pay for VBA maintenance other than police and fire protection as well garbage collection. VBA residents pay for some services, over and above taxes; i.e. snow removal, street cleaning, road maintenance etc. In fact, the VBA residents pay normal city taxes, and pay a monthly maintenance fee as well.

Q. Are the VBA residents involved in any City of Guelph activities?

A. Absolutely. Our residents pride themselves in their community involvement in various areas such as social activities, donating to numerous charitable causes, as well as direct participation on boards of several volunteer organizations. The Village Choir performs in nursing homes in Guelph. For many years, residents have conducted an annual litter cleanup on Stone Road, the road in front of the VBA entrance gate, from Victoria Road westward to Gordon Street.

Q. Do any VBA residents come from Guelph?

A. While the majority of the residents are from the Toronto area, many come from in and around Guelph. A lot of these local individuals have downsized by moving into the Village by the Arboretum and still remain active within the City.

Q. Why do residents buy homes in the VBA?

A. The City of Guelph is an attractive and vibrant community and its location relatively close to Toronto has proven to be a positive feature. The location of the VBA adjacent to the University of Guelph has been an important factor in attracting many residents.     untitled

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